Children's Services

Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse Programs for Children

A calm childhood can turn into a stormy season when faced with unexpected stress.

At Starting Point, our children's programs are recognized by the state for their clinical excellence. We help children handle the tough times that come with divorce, abuse, mental illness, bullying, substance abuse and more. Our therapy and resources help children deal with difficulty and succeed in daily life.

The Starting Point Children’s program is designed for children under 18 years of age experiencing emotional or behavioral problems, as well as substance abuse.

Individual and Family Therapy

Our counseling programs are designed to meet the needs of those who are experiencing mental, emotional, or behavioral issues. Services are provided by either Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Registered Counselor Interns or Certified Addiction Professionals

ABCs of Behavior

Two groups are offered for 5-7 year olds and 8-10 year olds. Topics discussed include development of self, understanding feelings, dealing with feelings and learning new ways to communicate feelings with others. Clients will also learn age-appropriate calming techniques. This group format helps clients learn along with their peers in a fun, interactive, social environment.

SPARCS (Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress)

This is a 16-week closed group for adolescents between 11-13 years old who have been exposed to trauma or overwhelming stress. Our evidence-based curriculum focuses on adolesents’ responses to complex trauma. The teens will learn trauma and stress coping skills that include self-soothing, distraction, mind-body connection and healthy decision making.

In-Home Child Program

Because delinquency and foster care can cost more than $10,000 per year, keeping a child in the home is not only more cost effective but better for the child and the family. The In-Home Child Program keeps children safe in their own home and helps parents re-unify with their children.

Responsible Thinking

Helps children with issues such as self-talk, responsible thinking, self-evaluation in an effort to change criminal behavior.

Anger Management

Designed for students charged with disturbing the peace, battery, assault, and similar crimes, it focuses on helping children manage outbursts, and develop skills for self-awareness, cognitive restructure, and conflict resolution.

Substance Abuse and Recovery

Helps children identify problems situations and prevent relapse. In addition, we offer a school-based substance abuse prevention program including intervention and counseling during school hours.


Healing Begins Here

If you or a loved one are coping with depression, addiction or other behavioral health issues, Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare is the place to begin your journey toward healing. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping those with addiction or behavioral health challenges through counseling, therapy and support.

Call Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare today and get started on your path to healing.

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Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare is an equal opportunity and drug-free workplace and prohibits discrimination in all of its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran’s status, or other legally protected status.

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