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GOAL - Giving Opportunities to Adolescents Lives

An Evidence Based Program

The GOAL program focuses on life skill building, self-awareness, behavior modification techniques, and habit control. The program emphasizes the importance and influence of perceptions and thought patterns that can be changed by reframing. GOAL utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that focuses on choices and consequences and the value of learning through accepting responsibility for those choices. GOAL also focuses on early detection of adolescent substance abuse and relapse prevention.

The Program has the following groups:

Responsible Thinking - Topics include self-talk, thinking errors, responsible thinking, personal response and self-evaluation in an effort to change criminal behavior.

Emotional Management & Self Esteem - Topics include helping adolescents cope with stress and developing effective ways of managing their emotions and communicating with others. This group also designed to increase each member’s self-awareness and development of healthy coping strategies with both peers and family.

Anger Management - Topics include events that trigger anger outbursts, cognitive restructuring, assertive training, and conflict resolution. This group is designed specifically for adolescents charged with disturbing the peace, battery, assault, etc.

Working Recovery - Topics include helping adolescents identify problem situations that occur in their daily lives. The concepts of relapse, substance use triggers, high risk situations, relapse prevention, and developing a “recovery image” are introduced.

“Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress” (SPARCS) is a 16-week closed group for adolescents between 11-13 years old who have been exposed to trauma or overwhelming stress. Our evidence-based curriculum focuses on adolescent’s responses to complex trauma. The teens will learn trauma and stress copings skills that include: self-soothing, distraction, mind-body connection, and healthy decision making.

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State and Medicaid Funded Program


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