Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 12:00 PM

About Being Well, Starting Now

Being Well, Starting Now is a monthly webinar series providing a space for behavioral healthcare experts and community members to come together to discuss the effects of mental health and substance use issues. It was established during the COVID-19 pandemic as a virtual safe space for individuals to share their thoughts, feelings, and coping mechanisms.

Meet the Facilitators

The Being Well, Starting Now facilitators bring a diverse set of experiences to the monthly webinar series. 

Brea Butler-Gilton: BW,SN Facilitator


Suicide Prevention Training Coordinator
Brea is the Suicide Prevention Training Coordinator at Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare. She brings her knowledge of community-centered prevention and wellness to Being Well, Starting Now.
Amy Pipkin - BW,SN Facilitator


Prevention Supervisor
Amy is the Prevention Supervisor at Starting Point. She brings her expertise in prevention methodology as well as her knowledge and passion for the Nassau County community to Being Well, Starting Now.
Katrina Robison-Wheeler: BW,SN Facilitator


Director of Outreach & Education
Katrina is the Director of Outreach & Education. When she isn't teaching a Mental Health First Aid training course or liaising in the community, she brings her expertise to the mainstage of Being Well, Starting Now.


"I thought this was a fabulous discussion. I am so impressed with the work you all are doing. Thank you so much!"
"Very well done. Just the right amount of group management in terms of leading the discussion and keeping it going and on topic."
"I really appreciate this topic and definitely believe it needs to be discussed more. This is a topic I was passionate about during my graduate program."

"The ONLY reason I didn't share during this discussion was because of emotions. It's a delicate topic and hits very close to home. Very wonderful job!"

"Great topic. This was great!"


"Information was very helpful."

"We need more of this! Positivity and gratitude are much harder during these weird times. I needed this. Thank you!



Hosted a panel of individuals in the recovery community to inspire positivity and promote the idea that recovery IS possible.

Suicide is Preventable

Explored the topic of suicide: how to talk about it, signs and symptoms, and shared tools/resources for preventing suicides.

Media Overload & Zoom Fatigue

Explored the overload of politics, COVID-19, and feeling 'zoomed-out'. Tips and tricks for drawing healthy boundaries with social media.

The Importance of Sleep

Explored the physiological process of sleep, evaluated participants' sleeping practices, and explored strategies for improving sleep hygiene.

Invisible Wounds - Understanding P.T.S.D.

Explored types of P.T.S.D., discussed symptoms and causes, and explored prevention and seeking help.


Explored the concept of self-care with great tips and tricks for how to incorporate self-care into your daily routine.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Explored the importance of diversity, what equity actually means, and why inclusion is an important part of well-being.

Coping Mechanisms for Stress

Explored how stress influences every part of our body and provided evidence-based healthy coping mechanisms.

Positive Mindset & Practicing Gratitude

Defined and explored positive thinking and gratitude. Discussed the benefits and outcomes of these practices.

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Explored mental health among minoritized populations and addressed the importance of community support.

Healthy Relationships

Explored healthy and unhealthy relationships: how to identify each case, communicate effectively and set boundaries.

Screen Time & Behavioral Health

Explored the overconsumption of screen time/social media and how to use these platforms in a healthy manner.

Body Image

Explored body image/self-esteem, examined the effects of poor body image, & considered body image improvement & acceptance strategies.

Mental Health - A Toolkit for Our Community

Explored mental health, language, and stigma. Identified strategies for addressing mental health and wellness.