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Many people look for purpose or mission-driven activities to do in their spare time. For some, volunteering is an opportunity to give something back to their community and to make a difference to the people in their neighborhoods. For others, volunteering may be an opportunity to build new skills, share experiences or knowledge, or, simply, an activity to build relationships. Perhaps there are reasons that you like to volunteer that have yet to be mentioned. Whatever your reason is for volunteering, we hope you will do it with us.

In this post, we’ll describe our volunteer program, explain the benefits of becoming a Starting Point Ambassador, and provide more details on how to apply.

What is the volunteer Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program is a volunteer program that will advocate for the reduction of stigma related to Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders (MH/SUD), and support SPBH staff and the Community Outreach and Education Committee members in the community. SPBH Ambassadors will be responsible for promoting SPBH services and initiatives both on community advocacy and legislative issues.

The mission of the Ambassador Program is to promote mental health awareness throughout Northeast Florida and reduce the stigma associated with mental health, while sharing information about Starting Point’s programs and services.

The goal of the Ambassador Program is to decrease the myths about seeking mental health assistance. The program empowers individuals to make healthy life changes and be able to provide others with information on counseling services offered by Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare.

What would I do as a Starting Point Ambassador?

As a Starting Point Ambassador, you will have many opportunities to represent Starting Point in the community. In each and every activity, your primary objective will be to:

  1. Educate & Inform: Ambassadors will educate and inform the community about behavioral healthcare. Ambassadors will increase the public’s knowledge about mental health and substance use issues.
  2. Advocate: Ambassadors will advocate to reduce mental health and substance use stigma in Nassau County and Northeast Florida.
  3. Build Organization Awareness & Recognition: Ambassadors will improve SPBH brand recognition, achieve top of mind awareness, and positively influence how the public thinks and feels about our brand.
  4. Increase Engagement: Ambassadors will inform the public about SPBH services with focused attention on Community Outreach and Education program offerings. (I.e., MHFA, TMHFA, Community Conversations, and Being Well, Starting Now).

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

Each Ambassador may have a variety of personal and professional reasons for becoming a Starting Point Ambassador. It is our hope that the Ambassadors will find value throughout the entire program, specifically, in the following ways:

  • Be a Difference-Maker
    • Educate the community and advocate for behavioral health to help reduce stigma
    • Make a difference in the lives of fellow Nassau residents
    • Empower all voices
    • Build social consciousness
    • Implement your passions to benefit others
  • Promote Healthy Living
    • Fulfill your mind and body
    • Reduce stress
    • Achieve/provide a sense of purpose
    • Keep mentally stimulated
  • Relationship Building
    • Get to know Nassau County and Northeast Florida residents
    • Meet and connect with new people
    • Establish strong relationships
    • Feel valued and part of a team
    • Focus on trust, inclusion, and individual equity

What is the time commitment?

As a Starting Point Ambassador, you will determine your availability. Being a Starting Point Ambassador doesn’t need to take a huge amount of time. Opportunities will be determined largely by Starting Point’s own events, by participation in community events, and by speaking invitations should you be interested in doing so.

Am I eligible to be a Starting Point Ambassador?

Nearly everyone is eligible to be a Starting Point Ambassador. In order to become an ambassador, you will need to be able to do the following:

  1. Complete the ambassador program application.
  2. Join us for an interview where we can learn a bit more about you and your interest in volunteering.
  3. Complete onboarding where you will complete a local background screening, the Mental Health First Aid Training, and the Ambassador Orientation.
  4. Once all of the above-mentioned steps are complete, you will be an official Starting Point Ambassador. Congratulations, you can now start making a difference in Nassau County.

How do I apply?

The application is very simple and should take around 15 minutes to complete. Once submitted, Starting Point’s Community Outreach & Education Committee (comprised of SPBH staff and Board of Directors) will review your application and reach out to you via email about next steps.

We know that there are a lot of things to consider when finding a place to volunteer. Volunteering isn’t just about doing something in your spare time, it’s about building relationships, making an impact in your community, feeling connected, and giving back. As a Starting Point Ambassador, you will accomplish each of these goals and so much more. We hope that you will find a home to volunteer here at Starting Point.

For more information about the Starting Point Ambassador Program please click here. For questions regarding the Ambassador Program or the application process, please email our Community Liaison/Trainer Katrina Robinson-Wheeler at

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