Adult Behavioral Health & Substance Use Disorder Programs

Everyone has their own story. Many times they aren’t the fairy tales we read as children. Disappointment, conflict, illness, divorce and death are all part of our life script, and can be difficult to overcome. At Starting Point, we help adults write stories that guide them through a healing process and onto a healthy path.

Our team of certified addiction counselors and licensed therapists help guide this process through individual and group counseling at our Yulee and Hilliard locations, as well as medication management when necessary.

Anger Management

Learn skills to manage negative emotions through this 8-week program. Adults will take part in group discussion and role-playing.

Co-Occurring Disorder Program

Adults with both substance abuse and a mental health disorder will learn how to recognize and cope with the two conditions.

Drug Court Program

Nassau County has joined Duval and Clay Counties in providing the Adult Drug Court Program as of January 17, 2020. The Adult Drug Courts are an innovative and effective solution to addressing substance use within the criminal court system and our communities. Drug Court is specifically for persons with a substance use disorder. These court programs offer individuals the opportunity to enter long-term substance use treatment and agree to court supervision rather than receiving a jail sentence. The intensive program requires participants to maintain recovery, take on responsibilities, and work towards lifestyle changes. Under the supervision and authority of the court, their progress is monitored. Ultimately, the Adult Drug Court is created to help reduce crime and affect real, positive change in people's lives. Starting Point is partnering with the court system to provide Outpatient Treatment for this program.

Individual and Family Therapy

Our counseling programs are designed to meet the needs of those who are experiencing mental, emotional, or behavioral issues. Services are provided by either Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Registered Counselor Interns or Master's Level Certified Addiction Professionals.

Mental Health Court Program

The Mental Health Court program diverts clients out of the justice system and provides individuals the opportunity to undergo treatment and avoid criminal prosecution. Issues specific to clients involved with the Mental Health Court system are addressed in the Living Well group.

Positive Parenting

This program helps understanding of children’s behavior and teaches discipline techniques for handling conflict and using appropriate discipline.

Substance Abuse and Recovery

Individual and group therapy focuses on substance use disorders and their impact on the individual and their families. Our programs include intervention, outpatient, medication assisted treatment and our women's program.

  • Intervention: Our intervention program is designed for adults experiencing a first-time arrest for DUI and other drug offenses. The program includes monthly individual and weekly group counseling.
  • Outpatient: This program is designed to assist individuals in achieving abstinence from substances which have been negatively impacting their ability to live their best life. Our focus is on teaching healthy alternatives to coping with stress, addressing co-occurring mental health issues, and resolving underlying traumatic experiences which can lead to continued substance use.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiate and/or Alcohol Dependence: Starting Point has a unique clinical program to help people recover from an addiction to opiates and/or alcohol. The program utilizes a medical approach that includes psychiatric care, individual counseling, substance use disorder treatment groups and community support. Individuals in this program will be prescribed either Suboxone or Vivitrol to assist them in their recovery.
  • Women’s Substance Abuse Program: This program is designed for women who have an identified substance use or co-occurring disorder. Services include individual, family and group therapy, parenting classes and psychiatric care.