Drop-In Centers Offer Extended Mental Health Support

Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare offers two Drop-In Centers that provide mental health counseling and other support services for individuals transitioning back into the community.

The centers provide a central location for self-help, advocacy, education, and socialization. They offer individuals an opportunity for socializing and networking that addresses the isolation felt by many, especially those in mental health recovery. It is open to all mental health consumers. No admission or membership fee is charged.

The main objectives are:

  • Building or rebuilding social skills
  • Vocational training
  • Education
  • Homelessness issues
  • Developing peer leadership
  • Providing hot meals
  • Providing resources for individuals to recover
photo of people getting help at a Drop-In Center

What Our Clients Say

This DIC has been awesome, it has made a big change in my life! If I didn't have this place I would be in a world of trouble. I love the people I am surrounded by! - Gary H.

This place is like a family to me! - Barbara T.

This DIC has taught me a lot mentally, physically, and socially! It teaches everything from budgeting to friendship! - Sascha M.

Before I came to SPBH I thought my life was over. When I got court ordered here I felt that I needed to at least get up and try to fake it so I didn’t go to jail. Over time I started to see myself changing and that made me want to change more. It was like a reward for myself. - Keith C.

Who Do the Drop-In Centers Serve?

Drop-In Centers serve individuals with a mental health diagnosis who need help with improving activities of daily living, socialization and employment skills. Clients are referred by a physician, counselor or other health professional.