Starting Point Services for Women

Starting Point women’s programs offer women a safe place for health and healing. Whether you need help finding balance or surviving abuse, we help women change their lives.

Research shows that substance abuse treatment for women is most effective with a comprehensive approach. That is why our Women’s Programs offer services tailored to each client’s unique needs. The program offers a holistic approach and includes both individual and group counseling sessions. Issues related to parenting, psychiatric and substance abuse problems are addressed.

Our services are free to pregnant women, women with dependent children and women attempting to regain custody of their children.

Women’s Empowerment

This open group helps individuals set healthy boundaries in relationships. It teaches assertiveness and ways to reduce stress. With this program, women increase self-esteem and create balance in their lives.

Positive Parenting

Group members learn to understand and manage youth behavior. In this group, women discuss discipline techniques and more.

Women's Substance Abuse Program

This program joins efforts with individuals, the agency and the community to help women break the bonds of alcohol or drug abuse. It is free for pregnant women. Women with dependent children and women attempting to regain custody of their children also receive free services. Our program offers help for chemical dependence, mental health and more.