Starting Point Is One of Only 20 Selected for A National Project on Trauma, Racism, and Resilience-Oriented Care


The Only Provider in Florida Chosen 

Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare (SPBH) is one of only 20 providers nationally  – and the only one in Florida – chosen to participate in the Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented Equity Call to Action Community of Practice, sponsored by the National Council for Behavioral Health. This project will provide training to SPBH staff from a national team of experts to help them provide more informed treatment to individuals affected by trauma and/or systemic racism.

“Because there are a limited number of slots available for this training, Starting Point faced a very competitive process to become approved,” said CEO Dr. Laureen Pagel. “This recognition reflects the commitment we have to providing care to clients with the latest approaches. We know that trauma can often be intergenerational, and it can also be the result of lifelong systemic racism. Knowing how to identify and treat these issues will help our clients during their therapy. It also educates and informs our own staff, so they can identify these issues in their own lives.”

Once the 12-session training is complete, Starting Point’s mental health professionals will have a completed plan to educate staff on the effects of trauma, micro-aggressions, inequity, and systemic racism for the individuals they serve.

CEO Dr. Laureen Pagel
Dr. Laureen Pagel, CEO

“This is a 12-month learning collaborative focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion,” Dr. Pagel said. “I am very proud that this has been an effort driven by our own staff. Our Diversity Steering Committee completed this competitive application process and will be the core implementation team. This is a very exciting opportunity for our organization.”

“Trauma-informed, resilience-oriented care asks not, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ but, ‘What happened to you?’ and ‘What’s strong with you?’, “ she said.

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