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An Important Message About Suicide Prevention From The National Council For Behavioral Health

Preventing Suicide is Everyone's Business: Statement by Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO

The high-profile deaths by suicide last week of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and designer Kate Spade shed light on a growing national problem. While other causes of death are declining, the suicide rate keeps climbing – alarmingly so. The same week Bourdain and Spade died, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a studywhich revealed that suicide rates increased in all but one state between 1999 and 2016, with half of those states seeing an increase of 30 percent. Nearly 45,000 Americans died by suicide in 2016 – that’s one person every 12 minutes.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade and to anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide. Clearly, suicide is not an isolated incident and it’s not just a mental health problem. The CDC reported that more than half – 54 percent – of people who died by suicide did not have a diagnosed mental health condition. Among the other factors that contributed to suicide deaths were relationship problems, substance use, physical illnesses, job loss and money troubles. Suicide is a public health problem that can and must be prevented.

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Suicide Rates Are Increasing

What You Should Know

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the US. Suicide rates increased in nearly every state from 1999 through 2016. Mental health conditions are often seen as the cause of suicide, but suicide is rarely caused by any single factor. In fact, many people who die by suicide are not known to have a diagnosed mental health condition at the time of death.

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Mental Health Treatment and Substance Abuse Recovery Services

Life leads us down many roads. Sometimes the paths we travel can be hard to handle alone. That’s why Starting Point Behavioral Healthcare helps children, teens and adults coping with drug abuse, alcohol abuse or mental health treatment every day. From mental health counseling to substance abuse treatment and more, Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia residents are finding help and hope at Starting Point.

At Starting Point our goal is to help the people in our community live their best lives. That’s why we offer aid to those in need of mental health treatment and substance abuse recovery alternatives. We provide a wide variety of programs for all ages with special behavioral health and substance abuse programs for children, teens, women, families and older adults.

Starting Point Behavioral Health is located in Yulee, Florida, with drop-in clinics located in Yulee and Fernandina Beach. Led by a board certified psychiatrist, our team includes nurses, counselors, admission staff and other professionals who are focused on the best course of treatment for every individual. Starting Point has a long tradition of providing excellent mental health treatment and substance abuse programs in the community. Our community outreach programs include mental health first aid classes, in-school and in-home programs, and more. We are especially proud of the collaborative work we do with other healthcare providers and non-profit agencies in Nassau County, Florida.

Most of all, we want you to know that Starting Point is here to help you. If you or a loved one is coping with mental health issues, alcohol or drug dependency, we know it can be a difficult road to travel. Starting Point can be your new beginning and the first step on your path to recovery.

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