The Starting Point Advisory Board

People meeting and discussing

We are building a community where mental healthcare and substance use treatment is acceptable and accessible by integrating the voice of lived experience into the fabric of our mission---the who, what, why, where, when, and how we operate and serve our community. 

The purpose of the advisory board is to advance Starting Point’s commitment to delivering unmatched behavioral health services.  As people living in recovery from behavioral health conditions or suicidal ideation and family members impacted by suicide or supporting at-risk loved ones, our advisory board members provide an invaluable perspective and contribute to service delivery design, program and policy development, and our community education/outreach strategy.

Benefits of an Advisory Member

  • Plays a key role in the success of Starting Point

  • Give back to the community by sharing insights and experiences

  • Valuable networking opportunity

  • Opportunity to change someone's story by sharing your story

  • Opportunity to grow and utilize leadership skills

  • Connect with others impacted by behavioral health conditions and suicide

The Advisory Board Composition:

  • Be comprised of individuals living with a behavioral health condition or a family members supporting at-risk loved ones or impacted by suicide
  • Be comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life
  • Include individuals who have received service or attempted to access care at Starting Point

The Advisory Board Impact:

  • Provide Board of Directors and management with opinions about Starting Point and strategy for realizing the organizational vision
  • Provide input, skills and knowledge towards specific projects and goals
  • Participate in fundraising or community events in support of Starting Point
  • Assess impact of programs, projects, and events
  • Serve as a nonpolitical advocate for the organization

Interested in Joining the Advisory Board?