Open Access

We are here when you are ready

Let's Begin Your Treatment Journey

Pre-registration is a process designed to save you time during your initial visit. To pre-register, please call (904) 225-8280 Monday-Friday and follow the prompts for new patients seeking pre-registrationIf you are unable to reach a registration staff team member, please leave a message and we will return your call within 1 business day. Our registration team will collect your contact, demographic, referral, and insurance information (if applicable) to save you time when you arrive for your first visit. 

Information to have on hand before you call:

  • Social Security Number
  • Dependents' Social Security Number (if registering a dependent)
  • Insurance Card (if applicable)

The Brief Behavioral Assessment is a 15-minute triage with a Starting Point LPHA (Licensed Professional of the Healing Arts)This step is essential in determining the level of care you may need during your time at Starting Point. Upon completion, the LPHA will then provide an overview of the programs and services you may find beneficial to your treatment journey. 

During this step, our registration team will go over all financial and insurance information and schedule your first follow up appointment.

Documents to bring with you (if available/applicable):

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Insurance Card
  • Medical Records
  • Proof of Guardianship (if registering a dependent)
  • Any Referring Documents
  • Third Party Contact Information (I.e. lawyers, primary care, emergency contact, etc.)

The Comprehensive Assessment is a 1.5-hour in-depth assessment conducted by a master's level Starting Point Clinician. Its purpose is to understand more about you. The clinician will gather information that includes, but is not limited to, medical, health, psychiatric, and family historyOnce the assessment is complete, your clinician will work with you to set treatment goals and, ultimately, formalize your personalized treatment plan. Your treatment plan may include individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, and/or enrollment in one of our many behavioral health programs.

Open Access is our intake process. When you are ready to seek care, we are here for you. Walk in whenever you are ready to start your recovery journey.

Open Access is not a therapy session nor is it a place where you will leave with a prescription for medication. It is the immediate connection to identify what you need.

Open Access is available at our Main Treatment Center (463142 SR 200) in Yulee Monday through Thursday 8AM - 2PM. After establishing care at the Main Treatment Center, you may have the option to receive care at other locations.

Speeds up the process! Providing our staff with your demographic information and insurance before you arrive skips a step for you.

Your first visit is the longest and most important to start your personal journey. Regardless of when you walk in, our staff will sit with you, get to know you, and help you set your treatment goals. You can expect to spend 2.5 - 3 hours with us.

You meet with a member of our registration team to sign consents, releases, HIPAA forms, financial forms, and review co-pays due at each appointment.

Once you complete the assessment and sign your treatment plan, you are done. You will leave with a scheduled follow-up appointment for group therapy, individual therapy and/or a medical service. Stop at the front desk on your way out to confirm all appointments and ask any other questions.