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Care Coordination links individuals with services in the community to reduce their need for higher levels of care and provide support through their recovery journey.


We offer two Drop-In Centers that provide mental health counseling and support services for individuals living with a mental illness. Oftentimes considered the client’s second home, the centers are informally known as "Our Place". Clients take ownership of the facilities and support each other in their recovery process.


Group therapy involves one clinician working with several individuals at the same time to address a common treatment concern. Benefits of group therapy include improving self-awareness as well as enhancing communication and socialization skills through evidenced-based practices.


Our MAT program is a four-phased, highly structured, program providing a medically managed approach to recovering from dependence on opiates or alcohol. Each phase has specific treatment objectives and requirements in order to advance to the next. The client, with help from our medical and treatment team, is responsible for their progress. Completion of this program requires a vested interest in recovery.


Located in our Hilliard and Fernandina Beach offices, the Pyschosocial Rehabilitation program serves individuals living with a severe and persistent mental illness. The program's primary goal is developing the clients' coping and recovery skills so that they may successfully live with their illness. Program components include life and social skills training in a hands-on real-time environment.


Our Case Management Program is designed to help individuals living with a diagnosed mental illness achieve their highest level of functioning.


This program reduces incarceration and offers non-violent felony offenders an opportunity to make changes to better their lives. By diverting them from the judicial system into treatment services, we believe we can address the mental health and/or substance use issue that caused the offense in an effort to instill permanent lifestyle change.


We offer individual therapy utilizing evidenced-based practices. Individual therapy involves working one-on-one with a Starting Point therapist to address your concerns. Sessions are based on personal goals identified through the assessment process which are used to help guide you through your treatment journey.


We offer Medication Management under the provision of a licensed psychiatrist. Medication Management involves an initial psychiatric evaluation to determine the individual's need for psychotropic medication, the provision of a prescription, and the ongoing medical monitoring related to the individual's use of the psychotropic medication.


We offer comprehensive assessments which are conducted by a Starting Point Clinician. During the assessment, the clinician gathers the individual's medical, health, psychiatric, and family history. Upon completion, the clinician works with the individual to set treatment goals, and ultimately, formalize their personalized treatment plan.


Family therapy is designed for couples and families hoping to improve communication and enhance relationships, among many other reasons. Family therapy can have a variety of benefits such as increasing understanding of healthy boundaries, improving family dynamics, enhancing problem-solving skills, and developing conflict resolution skills.


Our Intervention Program is geared towards individuals with first-time offenses, such as a DUI or a misdemeanor drug charge. The program focuses on the consequences of their behaviors and assists the client in identifying new ways of thinking to prevent future involvement with the legal system.


Mental Health Court reduces incarceration and recidivism by connecting misdemeanor or felony offenders with a mental health diagnosis to Starting Point's treatment services. We use mental health assessments, individualized treatment plans, and ongoing monitoring to address the mental health needs of the client in order to enhance their quality of life.