Our Case Management program is designed to help individuals living with a diagnosed mental illness achieve their highest level of functioning.


Case Management connects children and adults with services needed to advance their well-being.


CM is about building self-sufficiency and satisfaction in your life. Don't worry, we'll give you the tools to get there!


We'll help improve your short-term functioning. Then, build a roadmap for your long-term success and wellness.


Assistance choosing medical plans and prescription coverage

Connection to mental health treatment services (therapy, psychiatry, etc.)

Connection to substance use treatment services (medication-assisted treatment, detox, etc.)

Connection to medical providers (primary care, dental, etc.)

Connection to local support groups (AA, NA, teen groups, parenting groups, women’s groups, etc.)

Connection to employment resources (GED, college, vocational, etc.)

Connection to educational resources (GED, college, vocational, etc.)

Help accessing special needs services (special education, IEP, tutoring, etc.)

Help applying for financial assistance (utility bills, rent, transportation, etc.)

Help applying for benefits (SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, food stamps, cash/housing, assistance, etc.)


Am I eligible to receive Case Management services?

Starting Point uses a Medicaid authorized screening tool to assess if an individual is eligible to receive Case Management services. Generally, an individual is eligible to receive CM if they meet the following criteria: (Note: Adults, ages 18 and over, must meet criteria 1-7 and at least one criterion listed in section 8. Children, ages 17 and younger, must meet criteria 1-7).

  1. Is enrolled in a Department of Children and Families adult mental health target population. 
  2. Has a mental health disability (i.e., severe and persistent mental illness) which requires advocacy for and coordination of services to maintain or improve level of functioning.
  3. Requires services to assist in attaining self-sufficiency and satisfaction in the living, learning, work, and social environments of choice.
  4. Lacks a natural support system with the ability to access needed medical, social, educational, and other services.
  5. Requires ongoing assistance to access or maintain needed care consistently within the service delivery system.
  6. Has a mental health disability (i.e., severe and persistent mental illness) duration that, based upon professional judgment, will last for a minimum of one year.
  7. Is not receiving duplicate case management services from another provider.
  8. Meets at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Is awaiting admission to or has been discharged from a state mental health treatment facility.
    2. Has been discharged from a mental health residential treatment facility.
    3. Has had more than one admission to a crisis stabilization unit (CSU) or a short-term residential facility.
    4. Is at risk for institutionalization because of repeat hospitalizations during the last 12 months.
    5. Is experiencing long-term or acute episodes of mental impairment that may put the individual at risk of requiring more intensive services.
    6. Has relocated from a Department of Children and Families district or region where he or she was receiving mental health targeted case management services.
Do I need Medicaid to get Case Management services?

Yes. You must be an active Medicaid recipient or be eligible to receive Medicaid in order to receive Case Management services. To learn more about Florida Medicaid eligibility, please click here.

Do I need a referral for Case Management?

Yes. In order to receive Case Management services, you must be evaluated by a clinician and then referred to Case Management at SPBH. Starting Point also may provide internal referrals for individuals who are currently engaged in other services and have been identified as Case Management eligible.

Are children eligible for Case Management services?

Yes. Both children and adults are eligible to receive Case Management services. Adults, ages 18 and over, must be diagnosed with a serious mental illness (among other qualifications), and children, ages 17 and younger, must have a serious emotional disturbance diagnosis (among other qualifications). For a full list of Case Management eligibility, please review the FAQ entitled ‘Am I Eligible to Receive Case Management Services?’.

Do I have to pay for Case Management services?

No. Case Management is a Medicaid or Lutheran Service Florida (LSF) funded program and does not require payment from the individual receiving CM services. If you are actively enrolled in Medicaid, you will receive CM at no cost. If you are Medicaid eligible and awaiting approval, you can still receive CM services for free thanks to funding provided by LSF.

What if I am not eligible for Case Management services?

A: If you do not meet Case Management eligibility criteria, Starting Point provides a host of other services that may meet your needs. For a full list of adult services click here. For a full list of Child and Adolescent services click here. You may also check out a list of local and national resources which are available to anyone needing assistance by clicking here.