Mobile Response Team

a young girl in crisis hugging her headThe Mobile Response Team (MRT), in partnership with local law enforcement and county schools, provides on-demand crisis intervention services to stabilize Nassau County residents who are experiencing a behavioral health emergency. These emergencies can include suicidal thoughts or behaviors, homicidal thoughts or behaviors, extreme behavioral challenges, emergencies related to substance use, and psychotic episodes (like hallucinations, delusional content, paranoia, etc.)


Typically, an MRT call is initiated by school or law enforcement personnel via 911, which then contacts the team. The team responds to the crisis as does a member of law enforcement.

The team of professionals have access to specific tools to assess the individual. They will meet and talk with the person, the family and others in their support system. A licensed clinician decides if they should initiate the Baker Act or divert the individual to other services. The Baker Act provides individuals with emergency inpatient mental health services on an involuntary or voluntary basis for up to 72 hours.

Follow up care can include therapy, case management and medication, whatever is needed to wrap around the individual and their family.

For people who are not hospitalized, the team follows up about 72 hours after the initial call, reaching out twice a day either in person or through texts or phone calls, to ensure that the care plan is being followed.

If you or someone you know is in need of the Mobile Response Team, please call 904-580-0529.