November 24 Being Well, Starting Now Rescheduled For December 3

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The second of a two-part series on surviving the demands of the virtual world has been rescheduled from November 24 to December 3.

Being Well, Starting Now “Screen Time Part 2” will explore Media Overload and Zoom Fatigue. If you are feeling a little “zoomed out” and anxious from all the digital media, join the discussion. The group will cover the overload of politics, COVID-19, and different opinions encountered online and how to draw healthy boundaries with social media. Register for free at The group meets on December 3 at Noon on Zoom.

Being Well Starting Now  is a safe space for people to talk about what is on their minds, how they are feeling, and how they are coping – but in a virtual environment that keeps everyone safe during the pandemic.

For more information about the series, or to register for the session, visit

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